Explore the processes which maintain life, as well as the events that disrupt it.

圣三一大学生物科学系. 爱德华从基因的层次来研究生物学, 通过细胞和器官系统, 生物体的种群.

我们提供生物学学士和学士学位, with multiple areas of focus depending on a student's desired outcome. 这些不同的学位课程为学生进入医学院做准备, dental and other schools in the health professions; graduate programs leading to doctorate or master of science degrees in related disciplines; and for entry into exciting careers such as biotechnology, 生态, 神经生理学与研究. Each program allows students to study electives that are specific to their own interests.

Teaching labs throughout the curriculum focus on experimentation and students are given the opportunity to conduct independent scientific investigations. Summer research scholarships are available from faculty research grants, and presentation of findings at scientific meetings is encouraged and facilitated.


At. St. 365比分网电竞, all curricula in the 生物科学 are founded upon 进化ary theory. 作为科学探究的主题, the theory of 进化 provides opportunities for testing of hypotheses that strengthen our understanding of the processes that account for the diversity of life on earth, and existing data overwhelmingly support the theory as scientifically sound. We regard any non-scientific or teleological attempts that distract from the scientific processes that underlie science as, 在最好的情况下, a diversion to our mission to provide exceptional education to our students in the 生物科学. We stand with the numerous scientific societies that have issued statements on the subject of 进化 and intelligent design, confirming the demonstrated success of the former and rejecting the scientific viability of latter.

德克萨斯州科学院年会,Junction, Texas

St. 爱德华的 University students and faculty members gave 32 presentations and students won 9 awards (25% of the awards given!)在今年3月的德州科学院年度会议上发表.


主要要求: 获得生物学学士学位需要学习76学时的生物学专业课程, 包括介绍性课程的组合, 生物学的选修课, 以及化学等科目的辅助课程.

通识教育要求: The 生物学 degree requires 56 hours of general education courses that students complete over four years in addition to their major courses.

1. 生物学文学学士学位

  • 主要为修读双学位的学生设计, 生物教育认证, 或者进入专业学校
  • Provides a solid foundation in biology with more latitude in the choice of general electives
  • 你将要学习的课程的一个例子是 分子遗传学 which offers a study of the structure and function of DNA as the genetic material and focuses on details surrounding the “central dogma of molecular biology,包括DNA复制, 转录, RNA加工和翻译, as well as mechanisms of control and regulation of expression of genetic information.
生物学学士+临床检验科学硕士(3 + 2)
  • 在五年内获得两个学位:St. 365比分网电竞, and a Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) from UTMB.
  • 查看或下载完整版 3+2课程学位计划 (PDF)

2. 生物学学士学位

  • Designed for students who intend to pursue further education and a career in the health professions such as medicine, 兽医, 医师助理, 牙科, 物理治疗, 公共卫生或护理
  • Degree requirements include the prerequisites for most professional schools
  • 你将要学习的课程的一个例子是 进化, an in-depth analysis of 进化 via natural selection using examples from all major classes of organisms. Emphasis is placed on the mechanism and resulting products of 进化ary change. 进化ary change is examined at the molecular, organismal and population levels of organization.
  • 查看或下载完整版 生物学学士-健康专业学位计划 (PDF)
  • Designed to provide a strong background in biology and research and prepare students for graduate school
  • Prepares students for education at the graduate level leading to careers outside the health professions. 学生可以学习分子生物学, 细胞生物学, 发育生物学, 微生物学, 神经生物学, 动物学, 植物学, 生态学或其他领域
  • 你将要学习的课程的一个例子是 种群生物学与生态学 wherein students study the abundance and distribution of populations and collect and analyze data in experiments designed to test the theories presented in lecture. 其中包括对分布模式的研究, 觅食行为, 人口和社区结构.
  • 查看或下载完整版 生物学学士学位-研究生院主修学位计划 (PDF)

3. 医学检验科学学士学位

  • 培养学生成为医疗保健侦探, 调查传染病的起因, 癌症和其他疾病
  • 包括在圣. 爱德华的 University and clinical training at an affiliated MLS program (currently Austin State Hospital). 这些课程涉及微生物学等学科, 血液学, 免疫学, 临床化学和分子生物学.
  • 你将要学习的课程的一个例子是 Immunology where students will discover the molecular nature of the human immune system including the cellular and noncellular components involved and how these factors interact to combat disease.
  • 查看或下载完整版 医学检验科学学士学位计划 (PDF)

Interested in earning a Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science? 进一步了解我们的 双学位课程.

教师 & 工作人员

我们的教师研究重点包括流行病学, 微生物学, 土壤宏基因组, chloroplast and mitochhondrial genome 进化 in legumes among other research. 实地调查将他们带到了孟加拉国, 哥斯达黎加, 阿拉斯加, 科罗拉多州, 以及世界其他地方. 



崔西贝恩汉姆 |生物科学教授


梅根C. DeWhatley |讲师/实验室协调员生物科学




莉莎米. 戈林|生物科学教授


丹尼尔一. 金|生物科学助理教授




查尔斯·R. 豪瑟|副教授生物信息学


Andrea Holgado |生物科学教授


威廉J. Quinn |生物科学教授 & 计算科学


马修米. 史蒂芬森|生物科学助理教授




Zoe Skelton生物学|实验室经理


研究是圣塔斯大学本科生的一个重要选择. 365比分网电竞. Many students join a research lab on campus while others participate in research at other institutions. Involvement in one of these research labs allows students the opportunity to work alongside distinguished professionals, be a part of published research and gain real-world experience in a field specific to their interest.

圣. 爱德华在许多不同的领域有不同的关注点, 包括神经科学, 免疫学, 细胞生物学, 食品微生物学, 发育生物学, 遗传学, 进化, 动物行为与植物进化生态学. 这些机会是通过特别资金和赠款实现的, 其中一些甚至是由联邦政府提供的.


  • 营养与繁殖力之间的关系 
  • Epignenetic继承
  • 性偏好
  • 微生物
  • 生物信息学 

On-campus locations for these studies vary — from the state-of-the-art greenhouses at St. 爱德华寄给我们的野生盆地创新研究中心. Off-campus opportunities may take place at other universities or in private research labs.


Korey Nuchia (Class of 2018) won an award for presenting her research entitled, "Analysis of the Antibacterial Activity of 哥斯达黎加n and Gabonese Plant Extracts," at the 2015 UTSA College of Sciences 研究 Conference on October 9, 2015. Dr. Patricia 贝恩汉姆是Korey的研究顾问. 祝贺科瑞和博士. 贝恩汉姆!