The university is committed to a discrimination-free environment and provides resources and services to faculty and staff to address issues involving sex and gender discrimination.

Filing a Complaint

These cases involving faculty and staff are handled by Human 资源, in conjunction with the 第九条 coordinator. 教师, staff and student worker complaints, as well as third-party reports of conduct in violation of this policy, should be made using the Sex/Gender Harassment, Discrimination & Misconduct/Employee of Concern Form, contacting the 第九条 Coordinator Lisa Kirkpatrick, Vice President for Student Affairs (512-448-8425), or the 第九条 Deputy Coordinator Melissa G. Esqueda, Associate Vice President of Human 资源 (512-448-8540).

All complaints or reports should be made as soon as possible after an incident. All individuals are encouraged to report discrimination, 骚扰, sexual misconduct and retaliation so that prompt effective action can be taken. Complete policies and procedures are available in the Employee Handbook.

Safely Exit


What Should I Expect?

这是一个 visual flowchart of the reporting process for employees when making a complaint of sex/gender 骚扰, discrimination and misconduct.