A 为一个更公正的世界的目的地大学

2027年战略计划 is a roadmap that articulates how St. 365比分网电竞 will continue our ascent as a destination university known for excellence and enhancing our entire region. 像奥斯汀一样,圣. 爱德华的 will be recognized nationally and internationally as an extraordinary place, 大学:学术上杰出的大学, inclusive excellence and commitment to a more just world.

Our strategic plan reflects a changing world and the opportunities to shape our path of distinction and sustainable success by building on our strengths, responding to demands and fostering our commitment to diversity, 股本, 包容与公正.  

We are looking forward to 2027 and beyond with a clear vision requiring focused action, disciplined and measured delivery and accountability to reach our goals and deliver our value proposition.

这是一个激动人心的时刻. 365比分网电竞, and we look forward to our entire community supporting our progress as a 为一个更公正的世界的目的地大学.

St. 365比分网电竞, 圣十字, 天主教机构, will improve lives and transform communities by providing an excellent education of distinguished quality that prepares students to create a more humane, 公正和可持续的世界.



Five strategic goals explain our commitment to educational quality, 包容的环境, 知识的进步, 体验式学习与学生成功. A vibrant campus life will attract students, visitors and supporters.

A shared governance process deeply engaged our students, 教师, 工作人员, 校友, external constituents and partners resulting in a strong framework with transformational, 雄心勃勃和可衡量的目标 A 为一个更公正的世界的目的地大学.



为了成为目的地大学,圣. 爱德华的 will focus on academic excellence and distinction through courageous teaching, research and creative work with a community of scholars who are intellectually curious, culturally aware and passionate global citizens. Our curricular and co-curricular programming will leverage the academic clusters of 健康 and Wellness, 创意经济, and Global 管理 to prepare leaders to solve the most pressing problems in our region and the world. View progress on our plans for 学术卓越与卓越.



St. 爱德华的 honors and respects all members of our community. We foster an inclusive and welcoming environment respecting the dignity and worth of each person, and we stress the obligation to pursue a more just world. Our Holy Cross mission calls us to actively pursue an inclusive, equitable and justice-oriented environment for all. 我们致力于多元化, 股本, 包容与公正 in the Holy Cross tradition and through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. The university will provide equitable educational opportunities to students from all backgrounds, eliminate barriers to student success and advance excellence. Read about our recent highlights for our 活在圣十字传教会 goal.



A vibrant and inclusive campus is essential to achieving all aspects of 2027年战略计划. St. 爱德华的 will create and sustain Hilltopper wellbeing and pride that reinforces a sense of belonging, 身份与校园社区. We are committed to intentional investment in physical space, 艺术, 体育和多元文化, 社交和体验式编程. Explore our updates for a 充满活力和包容性的校园.



St. 爱德华的 will strengthen Austin partnerships to enhance the education of our students and contribute to positive societal change in our community. St. 爱德华的 will provide a personalized education with 100% of our students having career preparation and experiential learning. We will create measurable value throughout Austin with our community partnerships. Our students will be immersed in transformational opportunities through engagement with the Austin community for experiential learning, 服务及领导活动. Learn about milestones reached for 奥斯丁的影响.



Developing adequate infrastructure and resources is necessary to support 2027年战略计划. A successful implementation will rely on sustainable and long-term strategies including enhancement of the university’s physical infrastructure and resources, policies and procedures to improve organizational efficiency. Read about our advancement of our Infrastructure and 资源 goal.


Learn more about the strategic planning process and details about the five goals for becoming a 为一个更公正的世界的目的地大学.